I am a Mindfulness-Based counselor, and a Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor. I seek to help people evaluate their expectations, make conscious, intentional changes when they can, accept things they cannot change when they need to, and to learn to embrace their life whatever it may look like. I do not believe there is value in using our time to complain about or fight things we have no control over, so I help people direct their resources toward the things they can have an impact on.

I believe in people and I think that everyone is truly doing the best they can with what they have, so I do not find judgment or condemnation useful. I see things in terms of skillful/not skillful or healthy/unhealthy rather than good/bad or right/wrong. This opens space for us to work on doing something else instead of condemning and criticizing ourselves.

I believe there is a better life out there for all of us, even if it is in simply accepting things as they are when we need to. I enjoy working with people to find this better life. I like people, and I want to see them happy and healthy.

I do not work from any specific religious orientation, but I am comfortable working with people from any faith, or from a place of no faith at all. I work primarily with individuals, though I consider couples, families and other configurations on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to contact me for details or questions.